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Our Solutions:

We provide Services, Applications and Integrated systems for any industry, but with emphasis in Airport Solutions. Airport are a very demanding industry in terms of Security, Reliability and Performance. Quality as well as cost-benefit are key constrains in any Airport Solutions that are valid in any other industry, so, if something is good enough to operate in airport environments it will surpass any other industry specs.

We provide what we call I-Cube or I3 Solutions: Integrated, Innovative and Intelligent Airport Solutions from touch-down to take-off. Any System, application or service you can need, we can provided following these three Important "I".

Our Key Products:

EVIDS - Electronics Display Systems

Electronic Display Systems provide information to the passengers for the required procedures from the airport doorway until  the embarkation to Aircraft and from the disembarkation from the aircraft until the exit of Airport. Our systems are based on state-of-the-art software running on standard, nonproprietary hardware.

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Common Use Systems

The Common user System allows the airlines and airport to share the same hardware and software platform (Check-in and gates). Our software and hardware solution is 100% IATA standards compliant with CUPPS and CUSS specifications, as well as the new upcoming and mandatory request for APIS, 2D bar code and Ticket-less operations.

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Intelligent Integrated Airport System

Airport operators around the world share the same business goals to provide an efficient, reliable and safety Airport operational Environment. The Key to keep the Financial system and revenue control systems automatically feed with the aeronautical and non-aeronautical operations which are the origin of fees and to keep everything synchronized is the use of an INTEGRATED AIRPORT SYSTEM controlling and making easier the Airport operation and Managing. Applications like AODB, BRS, GMS, ERP, can be Integrated to create a Unified and Centralized System.

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Baggage Handling Systems

Fast, Durable and reliable baggage handling systems are vital to maintain quality of service to passengers and airliners. We offer a wide range of Baggage Handling Systems appropriately selected and designed according to the real requirements at each airport. Conveyors Belts from any size, Baggage Make-up and complete baggage handling systems has been designed and implemented by our Engineers in many airports which guarantee our customers the best and more cost-benefit systems.

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Passenger Boarding Bridges

We offer Complete and flexible boarding solutions provided by the world’s leading companies. The most diverse client requirements and wishes are taken into account by providing tailored solutions. In the same way, as with a modular element system, each client is able to select the optimum passenger boarding bridge configuration for his requirements. Our experimented Engineers can Design and install any kind of boarding bridges any place in the world.

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IT Cabling & Networking

We offer Unparalleled design services with highly trained network engineers and design professionals that can deploy state-of-the-art universal structured cabling systems, Local Area Networks and telecommunications and in general, ultra low voltage systems to meet the company goals. We can deploy and implement bleeding edge technology networking solutions any place in the world following the highest international standards. Fiber Optic Backbone, Cat6 structured Cabling, Wi-Fi networks as well as active equipment like Switches, routes, fire walls, etc. can be correctly and efficiently calculated according to our customer needs.

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CCTV - Surveillance Systems

Our Industry certified Engineers can Design and deploy any size of CCTV systems, using leading industry manufacturers. We can deploy IP based, Analog or Hybrid system in any place in the world following International and Industry quality standards. Our experience of many years and many successful installations guarantee your success too. Camera Selection, Focal length, Matrix switchers, Multiplexers, DVRs and NVRs, etc. can be appropriately selected by our engineers to provide the best cost-effective solution for our valuable customers.

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PAS - Public Address Systems

Our proven designs, working smoothly in many airports and commercial buildings around the world give us the expertise and knowledge to participate in any size of project. Our Public Address systems are customized and tailored according to the specific Site constrains, using world-class brand of products and our exclusive VoIP (Voice over IP) new developments improving the traditional analog PA Systems to amazing levels of functionality.

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ToIP - IP PBX System or Telephone Over IP

The IP Telephony system uses the technology for transmitting voice communication over a network using standard based IP, using one integrated, secure and reliable communications system. Opposed to a traditional analog phone PBX, phone calls, faxes, voice mail, call forwarding, Menu driven answering machine and many options more are easily handle by Software. Our Certified Engineers can provide any size, any budget VoIP Telephone Systems to any kind of industry.

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PiACS - Personal Identification and Access Control System

Due to the high security level required at some restricted areas in airports, Access control and staff circulation, Intelligent and versatile Security Access Control solutions need to be deployed. Our PiACS Solutions involved Access Control based on user profiles, powerful databases and servers, redundant and secure equipment running on reputated manufacturers adapted and tailored to each customer needs and budgets.

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FADS - Fire Alarm and Fire Detection systems

Our specialist engineers has designed and deployed Fire Alarm Systems in many projects in different countries, always following the local standard codes using the industry major manufacturers. Smoke, Fire and heat detection is a serious concern in public buildings but special care requires how these alarm signals will interface with the Fire Alarm System, the PA system and eventually EVIDS Systems. Fire Alarm zoning is as important as Fire detection and our engineers can design precise and accurate systems based in their comprehensive experience in Fire alarm & detection systems.

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Master Clock Systems

Time accurate is a major issue when synchronization between many systems that are time sensitive like the regular applications running at any airport in the world. Our GPS based systems will provide a real exact time base to synchronize the entire airport systems and solutions. We work with reputed manufacturers that not only provide the time base but also analog and digital clocks that can display the exact time to the airport users. We based our state of the art solutions in standards like TCP/IP, NTP and Power Over Ethernet PoE to assure to be at the cutting edge of technology.

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Parking Revenue Control systems

Our factory trained Engineers & technicians have more than 35 years experience combined working with parking systems. We will be able to assist you in any capacity, large or small project, adjusting efficiently requirements against budget in any Parking revenue control System. With our extensive experience, technical ability and working close with our partner manufacturers, The result will be a successful design and deployment for our valuable customers.

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