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Our Location:

ELAN SYSTEMS is Located and based in sunny South Florida Area in Coral Springs, FLorida but our team of Engineers and Technicians are willing to travel any place in the world. We also have part of our staff permanently working and living overseas and for sure we will found somebody close to your next project.

Our major area of influence is located in the Americas (North, Central and South), caribbean, places where we have many successfully finished Airport Projects as well as on progress works.We participate in many projects in Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Romania and Paris, so we can proudly say that we are a worldwide quality company.

Contact Details:

Ft Lauderdale, FL
Phone: +1 (954) 341-xxxx
FAX: +1 (954) N/A

 Email: info [at] elansystems.net

Our Schedule:

Our Working hours are based on USA (EST) time form 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding Weekends and USA standard holidays. Please feel free to contact us any time via E-mail or Voice Mail and we will answer before 24 hours.

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